Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Old Knock Home: The Basics

Just as with clothing, the Old Knock must have a place to keep the rain off.  But, just as with clothing, it would be wrong to try to pigeon-hole all Old Knocks in the same musty quarters. 

In later posts, we will deal with different specific types of ideal Old Knock dwellings, but for now, here is a brief over-view.

One of the keys to being an Old Knock is eccentricity and individuality.  Therefore, the Old Knock home should reflect the individual’s personality.  After all, the Old Knock will spend a good deal of time in his or her quarters (when not in the library or in “the field). 

As with the clothes, comfort is a key consideration.  Often times, the furnishings are rather worn and broken-in.  As this is a Reminiscent Culture, many of the items in the Old Knock house—if not the structure itself—will harken back to older days.

There should also be on display evidence of the Old Knock’s area(s) of interest and expertise.  Whether it is a large library, works of art, musical instruments, scientific equipment or antiques—they should be apparent throughout the dwelling. This is, after-all, what the Old Knock lives for and it should be visible.

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